Analytics & Reports

Jon Burke Web Design wants to make sure that you’ve got the best understanding of the online landscape in which you’re carving out a niche. To help prepare, we offer Search Engine Optimization (terms that are integrated into the code of your website) and basic industry benchmark reports that give you the lay of the land, tailoring the site to your values and goals while reaching the widest audience possible.

Once your website is “live” and visible to your existing and potential customers, you might wonder if it’s reaching everyone you hoped it would. I can help you find out, using analytics and traffic reports that tell you who’s visiting your website each day, how they got there, and what they click on when they arrive. Jon Burke Web Design will set you up with summarized, informative reports for your own use, or to show investors and other stakeholders. Analytics can help you decide to make changes to your site, but they can also affect how you think about your client base—maybe they have characteristic needs you didn’t think about catering to before. With analytics, you can be confident your website is doing what it’s supposed to.