Identity & Logo Design

The web has made it possible for even the smallest businesses to reach customers worldwide, but it’s also made for a crowded marketplace. A thoughtful identity—the combination of logo, font, keywords and general look and feel—is one of the most effective ways for small businesses or professionals to stand out. A brand that reflects your business can be the difference between attracting a customer or losing them to a competitor. By taking the time and energy to envision, craft and display your business’s image, you show potential and existing clients that you’re willing to invest in yourself and are therefore a safe bet for them to invest in too.

I have years of identity design experience, having worked at every scale from large corporations to niche businesses and ambitious individual professionals. I can help you build an identity and brand that conveys what words, on their own, can't. I recommend carefully crafting your identity prior to designing your website, and I can do that for you. If you already have a logo, I can refresh it to keep it timely and consistent with the new work I do for you.

Need to find designers and printers to bring your letterhead, signage, shirts or brochures from the digital identity we create into the real world? I’ve got you covered there, too. Let me help you connect with the professionals that can help you make your mark efficiently and affordably.